Amazon Halo Wristband Measures Body Fat & Detects Your Emotions From Voice

Amazon Halo wristband, a fitness tracker is the new wearable wristband presented by the e-commerce giant. The Halo wristband is not just a traditional fitness tracker but also has many additional features.

Amazon Halo Wristband Measures Body Fat & Detects Your Emotions From Voice

The Amazon Halo wristband does not come with a screen. The features of this Halo fitness tracker include sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, activity tracking, and more.

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The above-mentioned features come in most of the fitness trackers. If you are wondering what makes this band unique and different from others is that the Amazon Halo fitness tracker can estimate the body fat percentage of the user by taking a 3D render of their body.

Amazon uses machine learning to analyze the body fat percentage. When a user creates a three-dimensional scan, the picture will be uploaded to the server of Amazon and it is deleted once the scan is complete and results are shown.

Also, Halo wristband has the ability to track the emotional state of the wearer by listening to the tone of their voice. The company says that this wrist band picks up the intensity, tempo, pitch, and rhythm of the wearer's voice and insights into their emotional state.

The recorded voice is being sent the Halo App of your smartphone and then the analysis is being done there. The wristband also provides the notifications of your smartphone like phone calls and messages.

The Halo wristband features a battery that lasts up to one week and also comes with water resistance. It comes with a temperature sensor, accelerometer, two microphones, an LED light indicator, and a heart rate monitor.

However, there are some features that Halo is lacking is Wi-Fi, GPS, and Radio. It also does not support Alexa and the microphones are just for voice tone feature. You can turn on and off the microphones with the press button present on the band.

Amazon Halo Wristband Price

The early access to Amazon Halo wristband is available for the buyers in the US and it is priced at $65 which is approximate, Rs. 5,790. This includes membership access to AI-powered analytics for six months.

After the early access period, the price of the wrist band will be $99.99 which would be Rs, 7,350 approximately and there would be a monthly membership cost of $4 for the analytics.

The Halo fitness tracker comes in small, medium, and large sizes so that it can fit everyone. For now, the product will be shipped only in the US and is available in Winter + silver, Blush + rose gold, and black + onyx color variants.

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