Chromecast Google Meet Now To Your TV!

 Due to the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people are forced to work from home and even the students are taking online classes.

Chromecast Google Meet Now To Your TV!

Video conferencing has become a daily routine at home. So, today, Gooogle announced the addition of a big feature to its most used video conferencing tool, Google Meet. From today, you can Chromecast Google Meet to your TV.

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This feature will work on all Smart TVs, Android TVs, etc. However, Google Meet on Chromecast works only through the chrome browser on your laptop or desktop since the tool uses the camera, the microphone of the laptop or desktop.

Google said that it has rolled out this functionality to have a view on the larger screen.  You can Chromecast Google Meet before joining the meeting by choosing the "Cast this Meeting" option. You can even cast it in the middle of the meet by clicking on the 3-dot hamburger menu.

Google has provided an exclusive support page for Chromecast Google Meet to TV.  The addition of this feature has set apart Google Meet from its competitors since Zoom and Microsoft Teams does not provide any official methods to watch your meetings on a bigger screen except using an HDMI cable.

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