Facebook News Launching in India Brazil France UK and Germany

After launching the news service in the United States last year, Facebook said that it is going to launch Facebook News service in India, France, Brazil, Germany, and the UK in the upcoming months.

Image Credit: Facebook/news

Also, another report suggested that it would be launching this Facebook News service in Australia too. The company also said that it would be paying the news publishers to make sure their content is available in the product section of Facebook.

What Is Facebook News?

It is a new place in your Facebook where you can see the News for the day. For your better experience, the company gave you options to customize the sections and articles you want to read. The users can discover the topics and News related to what they read, follow, and share.

You can see the service live in the countries mentioned above within the next 6 to 12 months. In its newsroom, Facebook has said that looking at the progress of the new service in the US, the social media giant is planning to take it a step forward towards other countries.

Campbell Brown, the Vice President Global News Partnership, Facebook said that the news publishers would be paid in each country.

As of now, Facebook is continuously focusing on the growing engagement of the Facebook News in the US, and it is paying the US publishers for content reporting from more than 200 outlets, including thousands of local news organizations.

Facebook has about 2.7 billion active users monthly. However, the company has faced fake news reports and disinformation campaigning.

In response to this criticism, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, said that the company would be prioritizing trustworthy News in its feeds by identifying high-quality outlets.


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