Top 14 Best Android Games For 2020

In this current pandemic situation of COVID-19, we can't go out and spend our free time. Hence, people are searching for new ways to pass their time. So, here are a few best Android games in 2020.

Top 14 Best Android Games For 2020


The 1st app in the list of best Android games is an awesome infinite racing game in the surreal fracturing world, DriftOn. Here, you will be driving through terrain that keeps breaking apart. Crumbling race track introduces its challenges that test the speed of your reaction and skill of predicting the road in its fractured state. I liked its beautiful minimalistic 3D design and surreal graphics of the game world.

The controls are quite comfortable here. You will be actually driving your car - not just changing the lanes. There are various game modes with constant or increasing car speed and track destruction effects. Overall, I really like games like this that bring something unique to the table.

Animal Adventure

Next up on our list of best Android games, we have a beautiful low poly designed arcade game, Animal Adventure. As the name suggests, here, you'll be playing various cool animals and enjoy the game's dynamic gameplay mechanism with the different obstacles. You can discover new places, rush through the cities, villages, snowy mountains, frozen rivers, avoid running bears and car drivers. And also, collect gifts and a lot of various items like rush bonuses, energy sparks, bombs, and so on.

If you like runners, racing games, or any kind of winter games like snowboard & ski, dynamic arcades, snowy and exciting adventures, car driving, yes, it plays a quite similar! Then you definitely have to try this game out!

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Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime

Moving on, we have a game that might bring out your inner gangster, 'Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime.' The game will be set in modern-day Las Vegas, Nevada. The story of this game revolves around Jason Malone, a skilled MMA fighter who is targeted by the Frank Veliano after winning in a match.

Like all the other games in the Grand Theft Auto series, Gangstar Vegas has elements of driving games along with the third-person shooters, and features "open-world" gameplay that gives the player more control over their playing experience.

The Wolf Among Us

Next in the list of best Android games is the adventure game, which is the winner of the over 90 Game of the Year awards, The Wolf Among Us. It is a five-part game where Episodes 2-5 can be purchased in-app from the creators of The Walking Dead. The fairytale characters are being murdered in this hard-boiled.

This is a violent and mature thriller game is based on an award-winning Fables comic book series, which is DC Comics / Vertigo by Bill Willingham. You will have discovered that a brutal, bloody murder is to come in a game series where your every decision you take can have enormous consequences. It is not only WHAT you choose to do that will affect your story, but WHEN you want to do too.

Kill Shot Virus

Moving on, we have the third game in the Kill Shot series from Hothead, 'Kill Shot Virus.' This game has more than 100 missions. Of course, you will get a chance to shoot viruses with a variety of machine guns, rifles, and shotguns, and the zombies themselves will include unique versions such as Screechers, Exploders, Jumpers, and others.

You can also purchase gears like body armor and other items to protect yourself from getting bitten by the zombies, along with various power-ups that can give your character a boost in speed or perhaps some individual armor-piercing rounds.

Adalet Namluda 2

Next up on our list is a super cool action shooter game from the Rigback studios, ADALET NAMLUDA 2. This sequel has improved graphics, ammunition and camouflage, new weapons, a set of missions, and everything else that will be pleasing all those who prefer dynamic firefights.

Also, players will not only be able to control the main character but also operate with the battle companions, a great property is given the scale of the maps and the number of opponents. Here, you can take part in the military operation to secure the borders of the state, demonstrate strength, and determination in the achievement of tasks set by the command.

Sport Racing

Moving on, we have one of the best free and realistic car racing games out there, 'Sports Racing' from ZBOSON STUDIOs. This game combines simulation and arcade driving dynamics and brings you an addictive racing experience. Here, You can join dozens of racing events, win hundred of races, unlock racing suits, gloves, helmets, and taste a racing experience.

If you need to break limits of speed for burning asphalt, there is a lot of legend cars waiting for you. The game contains over 20 legendary sports cars with different upgrades and customization options. You can also test your racing skills on realistically created racing tracks, including real-world locations with Day/Night/Rainy weather conditions.

Highway Drifter

Next, up on our list of best Android games, we have a free drift racing game from Mad Hook Studios, 'Highway Drifter.' It is a fun-filled small-sized game where you can choose your favorite car and start your thrilling drifting experience. Here, You can pass by traffic cars and enjoy the near-miss thrill with big trucks in slow motion. It is a chill type game with a lot of playable classic and muscle cars.

The game has unique camera angles, which some sick slow-motion cinematic sequences. The game gives you the scores based on your skills and drifting skills. With bright graphics and simple controls, you can check this game out if you are into the drifting games.

Skate Lines

Next up on our list is a supercool offline skateboarding game or Android, the 'Skate Lines.' This skateboarding game has straightforward and intuitive controls for doing a large variety of tricks. You can also do 36 different flat ground tricks in fakie, regular, or nollie stance and combine them with rotations to do tricks such as nollie bs-flips or fs-flips.

Also, you can do 20 different slides blunts and grinds and further flip in and out. Skate down handrails and flip downstairs. You can now skate in Oslo as well as in the morning and night scenes. Moreover, the game also allows you to record your favorite tracks and lines and share them to Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Everyplay.

Alien Shooter 2 - The Legend

Moving on, we have the second installment of the legendary Alien Shooter franchise, 'Alien Shooter 2 - The Legend'. Here, You will unravel the mystery from the very beginning itself. The emergence of monsters inside the MAGMA corporation's secret base and join in a world-wide battle for the survival of mankind.

With the help of some long-familiar characters, General Baker, engineer Nicholas, a genius professor and, of course, Kate Lia - our hero's companion over the years. With hundreds of weapons - from pistols to plasma guns at your disposal and a possibility to enhance and equip your character according to your play style, there is a lot this game has to offer.

Evil Eye: Zombie Survival

Moving on, we have the post-apocalyptic game from TreeSpider DEVs; 'Evil Eye: Zombie Survival.' In a world where the evil eye has caused the apocalypse, you are one of the survivors. Who'll have to survive from the oncoming threats!

The game has more than 90 stages to play through. With Awesome arcade actions and juicy combats, you can also choose the difficulty level that suits you. The game and character animations are cute, but the surrounding world is really dark and haunting. It has a size of around 72MB and can be downloaded from the play store for absolutely free.

Flip: Surfing Colors

Next up on our list of best Android games, we have a beautiful surfing game from left-right studios, FLIP: SURFING COLORS. A great looking game doesn't always equal a fun one. Luckily this game's snowboarding-like gameplay and further its exciting use of color matching as a primary mechanic mean this is not just another run-of-the-mill endless runner on Android.

Here, sure, you are still collecting coins and gems to purchase new characters, boards, and levels, but that is only one side of the game. There are also some hidden puzzle pieces to collect that are scattered throughout each level that adds another layer to the game, and furthermore helps to lengthen its replayability factor.

Dead Trigger

Next up on our list of best Android games, we have one of the best offline android games when it comes to the FPS, DEAD TRIGGER. The game will be set in a world where a plague of an unknown source kills billions of people, and others turned into dangerous creatures.

The rest of the humans are desperately trying to survive in the world. Kyle, the protagonist of the game, who meets a group of survivors led by Julian Lassagne, created a colony known as New Hope. He joins them and helps them to survive. The group also finds a government-run underground bunker and then slowly searches it floor by floor. They finally find out that the plague was planned by a wealthy group.


Now on the final spot of this part of the best Android games 2020, the 'WhiteFlame.' It is a beautiful RPG game with adventure elements where, "Life will always continue, until you give up, because of your own weakness!". In general, here you'll play as a young adventurer, who get in trouble and get contracted with the ultimate fire.

You have to begin your journey to find answers to the mysteries around the world. The difficulty of the game is quite tremendous and challenges your ability. There will be no pay to win, and you will have to master your control skills to be able to overcome it.

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