05F707AE0DD5B77E1C3EACC8C3384CA2 Google WhatsApp records 1.4 billion calls on New Year's Eve, an unprecedented record!

Google WhatsApp records 1.4 billion calls on New Year's Eve, an unprecedented record!

1.4 billion: the number of audio and video calls made on Google WhatsApp on New Year's Eve of 2021. A historical record for the application increased its statistics by 50% compared to last year's New Year's Eve. By preventing loved ones from meeting in person, the Covid-19 pandemic has likely caused users to fall back on the messaging app.

Google WhatsApp records 1.4 billion calls on New Year's Eve

2020 has definitely been the year of online messaging. While Google WhatsApp passed the 2 billion user mark last February, Facebook announces that the application has reached a new record: 1.4 billion voice and video calls were made on New Year's Eve throughout the world. The group specifies that this is an increase of 50% compared to last year, on the same date.

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Google WhatsApp is not the only one to have been in great demand on New Year's Eve. Messenger also beat its number of group video calls in the United States, doubling its usual average on other days of the year. Facebook and Instagram, meanwhile, broadcast more than 55 million Live cumulatively on December 31.

Covid-19 pandemic allows Google WhatsApp to beat the record of past calls.

The special arrangements put in place for the New Year in many countries are surely not unrelated to these exceptional figures. Between confinement and curfew, many families were unable to reunite for a New Year's Eve party, prompting most of them to fall back on the messaging application.

"Ahead of Covid-19, New Year's Eve generated Facebook's biggest peaks in messaging, photo uploading, and social sharing at midnight across the world. However, in March 2020, the first days of the pandemic produced spikes in traffic that would eclipse New Year's Eve several times - and that lasted for months." Says Caitlin Banford, technical program manager at Facebook.

"Behind the scenes, Facebook Engineering came together to deliver unprecedented efficiency improvements and make our infrastructure more resilient," she continues. "This year, New Year's Eve was very different, and we had teams of engineers in Facebook applications ready to take care of any problem so that the world could make calls in 2021".

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