Spotify will now let you sort your songs according to genre or mood

The Spotify music streaming platform will launch two new features to sort its favorite songs: the first according to their genre, the second according to its current mood.

Spotify will now let you sort your songs according to genre or mood

Unfortunately, this feature is being rolled out for premium subscribers across the Atlantic, in the UK or Australia, but not yet in India. We will therefore have to be patient.

Filtering options for favorite titles on Spotify

These new features, announced in a blog post, are intertwined with the library of songs you love. As soon as thirty titles have been added to this library, it will be possible to sort them according to their genre or your mood at the moment.

For this, a list of genres (rap, pop, folk, indie, etc.) and moods (like chill) will be available in the form of clickable buttons at the top of the list of liked songs. To exit the filter, simply click on an X-shaped button next to the selected genre or mood. Simple as a summer hit.

Obviously, we will not customize these filters but, depending on the titles and genres you listen to the most, Spotify will offer different selections. This new feature is available for premium iOS and Android subscribers in Australia, New Zealand, UK, the US, Canada, and Ireland. No date has been announced for India, but we are hopeful that it will land soon.

Hi-Fi streaming quality on Spotify

This is the second announcement in less than a week for Spotify. The company is preparing to launch a new type of subscription this year, aimed at audiophiles: a form with "hi-fi" sound quality, without compression.

How to turn on/off filters on Spotify?

  1. Go to "Your Library" and click on "Liked Songs."
  2. Now, choose one of the filters at the top of the playlist header (rap, pop, trap, folk, indie) to display all the tracks that fall under that mood or genre.
  3. When you want to move to another genre or mood, just click the "X" next to the genre or mood to disable the filter and then return to your full "Liked Songs" collection.

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