Download Microsoft Edge for Windows - New Microsoft Edge With Kid Mode

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The new Microsoft Edge is really good news for users! Easy to use, fluid, and finally close to the standards of modern browsers, we can not recommend enough to try it.

Download Microsoft Edge for Windows - New Microsoft Edge With Kid Mode

What's new for Microsoft Edge in version 90?

Here are the additions of this version: Kid Mode, or Child Mode with anti-tracking protection set to maximum and adapted themes.

Why use Microsoft Edge?

Now, based on Chromium, Microsoft Edge is Microsoft's very first modern browser. It is also the first to delight web developers no longer having to optimize their websites to overcome the problems of its predecessor, Internet Explorer.

If Google Chrome is aimed at holders of a Google account, Microsoft Edge will suit aficionados of the Redmond firm since data synchronization requires a Microsoft account. The software publisher targets the whole family, and Edge is the first to introduce Child Mode in version 90.

What are the features of this "New Edge"?

For users accustomed to Chrome, Edge is relatively easy to learn. Indeed, the functionality of the browser is almost identical, with, however, a slightly different presentation in the settings. The browser can also accommodate all the extensions available today in the Chrome Web Store.

Tracking and advertising

Microsoft Edge integrates tracking prevention, allowing everyone to configure a level of confidentiality between "basic," "normal use," and "strict". From one to the other, the tracking will be more authorized or mostly blocked and the advertisements more or less personalized.


On the download management side, Microsoft had a good idea to offer an automatic classification by file type (All files, PDF, Documents, Applications, Images, Compressed files, Videos, Audio, Others). Very practical, this will make it easier for everyone to find a recently downloaded document, among others.

Password management and synchronization

The user with a Microsoft account and multiple devices (computer, tablet, or smartphone) can choose to synchronize the data.

Internet Explorer mode for businesses

Microsoft is well aware of this: many companies still use web applications initially developed for Internet Explorer. The latter only remains on Windows to respond to this problem. In fact, Edge provides access to a mode of compatibility with this browser which has become obsolete.

Accessibility and site-applications

In order to make the web more accessible to people with visual impairments, Microsoft Edge integrates a reader coupled with a synthetic voice. In addition, each compatible website can be encapsulated in its own window. These Progressive Web App - or PWA - can be pinned to the taskbar, even launched when Windows starts, etc.

The collections

Microsoft Edge integrates a kind of notepad in the right side pane. It is thus possible to create new thematic sets in order to collect the fruits of his research on the web and to annotate the web pages. Moreover, Microsoft has signed with Pinterest in order to organize these lists (e.g., Gift list, decoration idea)

Kid Mode

With Edge, Microsoft wants to stand out from the competition. It must be said that all Chromium browsers offer fairly similar ergonomics. It is, therefore, in terms of functionalities that Microsoft intends to promote its application.

This child mode has two levels targeting 5-8-year-olds or 9-12-year-olds with, in all cases, a strong restriction on tracking and a more or less long list of authorized websites that can be personalized by the parent. Kid Mode also introduces suitable themes (for example, from Disney universes) and, of course, secure search results.

Microsoft Edge in practice: properly configuring the browser

If the handling of Microsoft Edge is relatively simple, Microsoft has integrated several options that it is good to know how to configure properly. This is, for example, the case of data synchronization via his Microsoft account.

By default, the publisher promotes its search engine Bing, but perhaps you are, like 90% of Internet users on this planet, adept at Google Search. In addition, the browser has a dark mode and can be configured by default on your computer. Here are some initial tips for getting started.

Microsoft Edge in practice: protecting your privacy

You may have chosen Microsoft Edge for privacy reasons. Indeed, unlike Google, whose advertising revenues account for 90% of its turnover, Microsoft, for its part, markets software, server, and hardware solutions. To a lesser extent, the Redmond firm, therefore, does not have as many stakes on the tracking of Internet users.

Microsoft Edge thus embeds an incognito mode and can allow you to easily clear the cache or the browsing history. We also find a password manager. Several options are thus available within the parameters. Follow the guide to activate them.

Microsoft Edge in practice: optimizing your browsing life

Over the years, we have all become advanced browser users. It must be said that for a long time, it has been the most used application on a computer. Web services are getting richer every day. There are both online office solutions and photo editors or even services for making video edits.

If you are a fan of Microsoft Edge, then it may be good to know some advanced features such as keyboard shortcuts, management of favorites, or even mastery of navigation tabs. And of course, these features will be increased tenfold with the extensions available in the Chrome Web Store. Here are some tutorials to get the most out of the browser.

How do I install and configure Edge?

To install Chromium-based Edge, nothing could be simpler. You just have to download the software distributed on our page and then launch it.

At the first start, you can import your favorites from Chrome or skip this procedure, then configure the few basic parameters of the application, including the shape of the new tabs: artistic, informative, or minimalist.

In use, what do we think?

Microsoft Edge is truly a pleasant surprise. With the latter, Microsoft definitely puts an end to compatibility and rendering problems for Web pages. In the face of competition, Microsoft therefore no longer has to be ashamed. However, it will have taken two decades before Microsoft finally chooses to adopt an open-source project for its browser.

It's a strength for some but a weakness for others: Edge is strictly focused on the Microsoft account (just like Chrome requires a Google account). If you don't use, Bing, or MSN, you might prefer an agnostic browser like Brave or Opera.

Still, with Kid Mode, Microsoft hits hard and has found a way to speak clearly to families. We are also surprised that the idea has not already been borrowed by the competition.

Microsoft Edge benchmark scores

With Edge, Microsoft has successfully implemented a good number of features without compromising the performance of its browser. So successful bet for the publisher.

  • Basemark: 667.23
  • JetStream: 87.950
  • Speedomeeter: 73.3

Microsoft Edge - Download

Note: If you are already using Microsoft Edge, you can update it to the latest version by heading towards settings.

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