Google FLoC may not be adopted by Microsoft Edge and Opera browsers

Google has recently come up with FLoC that will replace third-party cookies in the browser. While several Internet browsers like Brave or DuckDuckGo have publicly announced that they will not adopt Google's FLoC, The Verge has contacted the rest of the market to get them out of their silence.

Google FLoC may not be adopted by Microsoft Edge and Opera browsers

FLoC is not a turnkey solution that browsers can turn on or off as they please. Its implementation, so poorly executed, can put users and their data at great risk, hence the reluctance of some browsers to integrate it. However, several of them still seem to be working on the subject and thinking about alternative solutions.


As The Verge reports, Opera and Microsoft Edge (both based on Chromium) don't seem interested in FLoC and are considering other, safer ways for users to replace that cookie. Microsoft, in particular, is working on an alternative called PARAKEET, aimed at completely anonymizing the user during targeting. Brave also came up with a solution, but the ballot to decide whether or not to adopt a new targeting method takes time.

Even if Google's FLoC is not adopted, another solution will be offered by the browser by the end of the year. The stakes are high since the end of cookies is fast approaching, and a web without advertising would no longer be a free web.

A race against time

The inexorable march towards the end of cookies is already underway. Outside of Chrome, all browsers have already gotten rid of third-party cookies and are waiting for (or offering) new, privacy-friendly and effective targeting methods for advertisers. But Google's browser has the bulk of the market (63%), and it will depend on whether or not a new standard for web advertising is adopted.

Be that as it may, Google will not let go of third-party cookies before 2022, and it seems difficult to see the adoption of a solution that will suit the entire market, advertisers, and to a lesser extent, users in such a short period of time.

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