WhatsApp can display bubbles like Messenger, a merger on the way?

The merger between WhatsApp and Messenger seems to have taken a further step. An Italian developer has succeeded in forcing the integration of Messenger chat bubbles into the instant messaging service.

WhatsApp can display bubbles like Messenger, a merger on the way?

As you probably know, Facebook aims to merge three WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram, three of the group's most popular apps. Initiated in 2020, this merger is being done step by step. Since October 1, 2020, it is, for example, possible to send messages from WhatsApp to Messenger and vice versa.

At the same time, WhatsApp has continued to expand its range of features, starting with the customization of the app's colors, or more recently, a Snapchat-like self-destruction function. There is, however, a feature that is still missing from WhatsApp: Messenger-style chat bubbles.

There are certainly third-party applications that allow you to take advantage of this display mode, but WhatsApp does not always embed this functionality natively. However, and according to our colleagues from the Italian site MobileWorld, the developer Alexandro Paluzzi has managed to force the integration of chat bubbles on WhatsApp.

Facebook Continues Merger Of Whatsapp & Messenger

As we can see in the photo shared by the computer scientist, the bubbles have the same characteristics as those of Messenger. With one detail, however. While the bubbles on Messenger only contain your contact's profile picture, there is a small WhatsApp logo affixed to the bubble icon.

Thanks to this discovery, it is assumed that the merger between WhatsApp and Messenger is quietly taking its course. Ultimately, we could therefore find our WhatsApp and Messenger conversations in a single application. The presence of the small logo on the bubble would therefore make it possible to know which application is using our contact, in this case, Messenger, WhatsApp, or Instagram. And you, what do you think of Facebook's plan to bring these three applications together in a single environment? Tell us in the comments.

As a reminder, WhatsApp has recently made it possible to easily migrate between an Android and iOS smartphone. This tool is particularly useful for retrieving your conversation history when you change your smartphone and operating system. Available for now on the latest beta of WhatsApp, this feature should soon be available to all users.

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