Horizon Forbidden West on PS5 Reveals 14 Minutes of Gameplay!

Horizon Forbidden West delivered on its promises throughout an extended gameplay period. Players will be able to discover new game concepts, starting with the ability to explore the seabed.

Horizon Forbidden West on PS5 Reveals 14 Minutes of Gameplay!

Something had been promised, and the time had come for it to be delivered. On Thursday, May 27 at 11 p.m, Sony has invited us to a 4 com event. Horizon Forbidden West, PS5 sure-fire success, will have to wait a little longer for a release date.

Despite this, the magnificent scene directed by Mathijs De Jonge presented us with a host of new gameplay possibilities. At the outset of this 14-minute play of Horizon Forbidden West, our protagonist Aloy is discovered at the bedside of an injured buddy. According to him, Erend, a well-known character from the original game, has been captured by a new hostile force.

Horizon Forbidden West GamePlay

As we can see from the extract, this tribe has the ability to hack and control machines. As a result, Aloy sets out to find these perpetrators right away. The opportunity for the creators to show off a magnificent coastline location as well as new machines that resemble Jurassic Park's raptors.

The ability to explore the seabed with a device that allows you to breathe underwater is one of the opus's most noticeable new features. A feature that was first hinted at in the game's teaser. However, keep in mind that machines also occupy the abyss and that exploiting sea currents will allow you to evolve more swiftly.

Aloy gains movement thanks to a grapple and the ability to examine the environment for hooking spots and climbing grips. Aloy also has a glider, similar to the one featured in The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. We have all of the weaponry from the first game and some new ones, such as this helpful glue launcher for slowing down this giant mammoth that resembles an Oliphant from Lord of the Rings.

Our heroine may also charge her spear with unusual energies and unleash devastating attacks. Finally, we'll consider the scenario, which will most likely occur in the San Francisco area (we can see the Golden Gate in ruins in the distance).

Nonetheless, as the streak's conclusion suggests, the gamer may be forced to go to other parts of the United States. What did you think of the Horizon Forbidden West game play sequence? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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