Netflix plans to open the backstage for its subscribers called N-Plus

After conducting a study with several users of its streaming platform, Netflix is ​​preparing to launch N-Plus, its "new online space" whose release date is not yet known. The objective of this new platform is, in particular, to offer new content, but also news articles or the possibility for subscribers to interact with each other.

Netflix plans to open the backstage for its subscribers called N-Plus

N-Plus, a new tool expanding the range of services offered by Netflix

The American streaming platform continues to work on its next flagship tool. If it has not broken its head to find its name, the firm, on the other hand, has worked hard on the ingredients that should allow N-Plus to be successful with current users but also with potential new ones. Venus.

As a leading product, it is on new content that Netflix has chosen to bet. Those registered on the platform will thus be able to benefit from sequences not broadcast on the streaming site as well as to discover in preview news on future productions to come.

To be complete, N-Plus should offer "streams of text, images, and videos, interviews, analyzes, in-depth dives into productions, games, procedures, possibilities for dialogue between users, music, or even podcasts." Something to make the mouths of fans of the first hour as well as of undecided potentials.

Netflix would also consider offering part of the content of N-Plus in free access, without registration, and consultable directly from the web while proposing to activate notifications to be informed as soon as a content is released. So many innovations to attract more and more new users.

N-Plus will allow you to interact like on social networks.

N-Plus could also have a social network dimension. The new platform would allow users to converse about upcoming movies and series. In fact, the firm asked its users for their opinion on a feature that would allow them "to know more about a planned show (preproduction) and to influence its development with comments before the end of filming."

Thus, subscribers could have an influence on a preproduction program. Netflix is ​​also considering the possibility of analyzing reviews posted by users to highlight those of like-minded people, which would promote the community side.

While the company has not communicated details of this new offer, it has not said whether it will pay off. Indeed, registration will obviously be mandatory, but it would not be surprising to see costs added to those of the Netflix subscription.

It remains to be seen whether user responses will allow Netflix to make the N-Plus project a reality. To maintain its leadership position in the streaming market, the platform has been stepping up its efforts recently, notably with its "For Laughs" section, allowing it to promote its catalog of films and series.

Consolidate its position as a leading streaming platform in the face of growing competition. In order to be as close as possible to expectations, Netflix has allowed several members of its community to test the various resources that will be offered.

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