05F707AE0DD5B77E1C3EACC8C3384CA2 Windows 10: the virtual keyboard will soon be customizable, like on Android

Windows 10: the virtual keyboard will soon be customizable, like on Android

Windows 10's virtual keyboard will soon be fully customizable. This new feature would arrive with the 2021H2 update, scheduled for next fall and dubbed Sun Valley. It would allow different themes, wallpapers, and colors to be applied to adapt the appearance of the keyboard to individual preferences.

Windows 10: the virtual keyboard will soon be customizable, like on Android

Microsoft bought Swiftkey in 2016, one of the best alternative keyboards for Android. It's a smart touchscreen keyboard that lets you type words faster by swiping from letter to letter. Using artificial intelligence, the keyboard learns your habits and can suggest words or phrases that you use often. In addition, Switfkey offers very interesting ergonomic functions, such as themes or wallpapers.

Although Microsoft has since adapted this software for Windows, the firm has never offered the same aesthetic richness to the standard virtual keyboard of the operating system. This will be done soon. Our colleagues from Windows Lastest had access to a pre-version of the update 2021H2 of Windows 10 (it is; therefore, the one that will follow the update 2021H1 released a few days ago). An update is scheduled for fall rollout with the internal codename Sun Valley. This update contains changes for the virtual keyboard.


These are mainly cosmetic changes. The first is the ability to apply a general theme to the keyboard, like on Swiftkey. This theme, of course, includes a background image to apply on the virtual keyboard. This background may be different depending on the display mode (dark or light) of the operating system. Remember that the Windows virtual keyboard is already able to adapt to these two modes. Themes also include the ability to change the color of the keys. A color scheme will be offered by default in Windows. But the user will be able to choose another color if the heart tells him so.

The Windows 10 keyboard customization won't stop there. Other options will also be included in the next Windows update. It will be possible to change the size of the keys and the font that will be displayed on each key. It will also be possible to change the color of the key's shadow, its opacity, as well as the opacity of the background image. Finally, note that the keyboard itself should also benefit from a small update since the key spacing has been revised to be easier to use.

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