Disney Plus Movies and Series, Everything to Watch This Weekend

Every Friday Disney+ offers new content on its platform. We offer you a small selection of the best novelties from the Disney Plus catalogue for this weekend. All to your sofas, let's go!

Disney Plus Movies and Series, Everything to Watch This Weekend

Just like Netflix, Friday is a sign of new things on Disney Plus! While the Disney platform has just passed the 100 million subscriber mark just 16 months after its launch, its catalogue continues to grow. In addition, the firm with the big ears can congratulate itself. Its flagship series, The Mandalorian, was nominated 15 times at the Emmy Awards and became Disney+'s biggest hit.

This Friday, July 2, 2021, the most downloaded application is highlighting its Star catalogue with several unreleased films, starting with the excellent Chronicle, the cult film Nixon with Sir Anthony Hopkins, or even the nugget Love, Simon, who moreover inspired a spin-off currently broadcast on Disney+ and entitled Love, Victor. And from Wednesday, July 7, fans will be able to find Bob and Sully in an exclusive animated series called Monstres at work.

As a reminder, Disney has already announced the preparation of a Captain America 4, following the success of the Falcon and the Winter Soldier series. Anthony Mackie will therefore put on the costume once worn by Chris Evan, the interpreter of the first Captain America. In addition, be aware that a spin-off on Wankada, the homeland of Black Panther, is also in the works.

Regarding Loki, the flagship series centered on Thor's brother and God of Malice continues to hit the mark. And precisely, Disney Plus will broadcast on July 7, 2021, a new crossover between Loki and the Simpsons. This promises a hilarious episode!

Of course, the Star Wars universe was not put aside by Disney Plus. After the monster box of season 2 of The Mandalorian, the firm has announced the production of a dozen series, including The Book of Boba Feet, which, as its name suggests, will focus on the most famous bounty hunter of the Galaxy.

As a reminder, Disney Plus has a new "Star" section dedicated to adults on February 23, 2021. It includes films and series from Fox, such as the Alien saga, Die Hard, Kingsman, Terminator, and Planet of the Apes. Users can also enjoy Marvel films produced in partnership with Fox, such as the excellent Logan and Deadpool 1 and 2. Disney Plus recently unveiled the list of films and series available at the Star's launch. With 231 films and 41 series on the clock, or nearly 3,800 hours of additional content, there is plenty to do!

Disney Plus: What's Coming

Monsters At Work (July 7)

Fans will be most delighted to learn that they will be able to find the two most endearing monsters in the Disney universe in this new unpublished series entitled Monsters at work. Since the first film, things have changed a lot in Monstropolis. The fear of children is no longer the source of life energy for monsters. They must now do everything to make them laugh! Having gained rank, the two friends set off to meet other monsters. The goal? Ride the most hilarious team in Monstropolis!

Love Simon

In this superb film by Greg Berlanti, discover the story of Simon Spier, a 17-year-old young man who is about to experience a decisive turning point in his life: to assert his homosexuality with his relatives and his family. Add to that that he will also have to find the identity of this anonymous classmate he fell in love with online—a funny and sincere story to watch as a family.


In this mature and adult superhero film, we follow the descent into the hell of three teenagers who discover superpowers after coming into contact with an alien substance. If, at first, they are content to use their powers to play pranks, the three friends will quickly realize their potential. The following questions then arise: will they impose limits on themselves, and above all will they use their extraordinary capacities to do good? Or to cause chaos? We'll let you watch this little nugget to find out.


Directed by Oliver Stone, renowned filmmaker to whom we owe Platoon and JFK, this film traces the personal and political journey of Richard Nixon, the only American president to have been the subject of impeachment proceedings after the famous scandal of the WaterGate. Far from wanting to shoot the ambulance, the film portrays a complex man, admirable in many ways but also full of flaws—an excellent film, obviously carried by the superb interpretation of the great Anthony Hopkins.

The Complete List of Disney+ News of the Week and the Weekend

Find here the list of new movies and series published by Disney Plus this week:

  • Star Wars The Bad Batch - Episode 10
  • High School Musical: The Musical The Series Season 2 Episode 8
  • MODOK - episode 7
  • Big Sky - final episode
  • Loki - episode 5 (July 7)
  • The Gloaming - episode 4
  • Love, Victor Season 2 Episode 3
  • The Mysterious Benedict Circle- episode 3
  • Monsters, Inc.: At work - episodes 1 and 2
  • Legends of Marvel Studios Episode 9: Black Widow
  • Love Simon
  • Chronicle
  • Nixon
  • Name of people

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