How to Keep the Start Menu on the Left and Customize the Taskbar on Windows 11

The taskbar in Windows 11 has been completely redesigned. This is in the center and shows icons such as Widgets and the various desktops. Here's how to modify it and make it your own again. You'll see how simple it is.

How to Keep the Start Menu on the Left and Customize the Taskbar on Windows 11

Windows 11 is now ready for download. If you already have Windows 10, you may get the installer tool from Microsoft's official website for free today. The taskbar changes dramatically after the OS is installed.

Windows 11 displays dark mode by default. New icons have been added, and the buttons have been centered. The one dedicated to Widgets, which shows you the weather prediction and the most recent information, is one of the new buttons.

There's also a search bar and a button to switch offices. Don't worry if you wish to get rid of them; it's doable. You can even place everything back to the left in Windows 11, just like you could in Windows 10. We'll show you how to do it; it's extremely easy.

  • Right-click the taskbar on the Windows 11 desktop.
  • After that, a contextual menu with the heading " Taskbar settings " opens.
  • Select it by clicking on it.
  • This menu directs you to the Windows settings.
  • To get rid of one of the new icons, simply deactivate the associated tab in this menu.
  • The virtual keyboard or stylus icon can be displayed using the menu immediately below. If you're using a touch screen terminal, this is useful information to have.

Return the Taskbar Menu to the Left

You can also modify the order of the buttons in this menu. Handling is quite straightforward.

  • Go all the way down in the taskbar menu.
  • A little window "center" appears on the line "taskbar alignment."
  • You'll be able to move the icons back to the left if you click on them.
  • This option also lets you choose whether or not to show notifications and whether or not to hide the bar while your mouse is not on it.

It's worth noting that the taskbar can't be relocated to another screen edge. It is, in fact, just below, just below. You'll have to cope with it if you're not used to it. However, it's not out of the question that Microsoft will include this feature in the future.

Revert to the Old Taskbar with start11, a Third-Party Tool

There are third-party programs available to totally personalize the taskbar if you want to go even further. This is the case with Start11, a Stardock product.

It not only lets you modify a lot of things, but it also lets you go back to old styles like Windows 10's or Windows 7's taskbar. A comprehensive program that performs admirably but has one drawback: it is not free.

In short, despite some evident flaws, Windows 11's taskbar is highly adaptable. It's up to you to figure out what to do with it next.

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