Google to Enable Two-Factor Authentication on 150 Million Accounts

Google just revealed on its blog that 150 million accounts would have two-factor authentication enabled by the end of 2021. Google is announcing its cybersecurity strategies during National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

Google to Enable Two-Factor Authentication on 150 Million Accounts
Image Credit: Google

Google announced it in May 2021: the Mountain View company aims to enable two-factor authentication on all Google accounts. Of course, securing user accounts is a massive undertaking, and with hundreds of millions of users globally, the California firm must proceed cautiously.

And, in honor of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Google has today announced the activation of two-factor authentication on 150 million additional accounts by the end of 2021 on its official blog.

As a reminder, two-factor authentication verifies a user's identification by demanding two distinct proofs of identity, such as a password and entering a one-time code. Google recently stopped its services on old Android phones.

Google Purchases Its Security Systems

Google has already improved two-factor authentication by using smartphone alerts instead of a one-time code as of May 2020. Google plans to invite 2 million YouTube video providers to implement two-factor authentication to defend their channels against a possible fraudulent takeover, among other projects highlighted by the American giant.

In fact, Google has announced that it has teamed up with a number of groups to provide over 10,000 hardware security keys each year. Google has also reintroduced its password manager, which is now available on Chrome, Android, and Google.

The business claims to have verified more than a billion passwords per day since it was integrated into Google Chrome in 2019. Chrome can automatically fill in the credentials of other programs, according to Google. The password manager is also available on iOS, where Chrome can automatically fill in the credentials of other applications.

In this regard, Google states that the password manager will soon allow users to generate passwords for other apps. In addition, the list of all your saved passwords will be accessible immediately from the Google application's menu. Finally, Google emphasized the significance of the inactive account manager, which was introduced in 2013.

It encourages customers to take advantage of the chance for increased protection, stressing that the intrusion on Colonial Pipeline in May 2021 resulted from an inactive account.

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