Huawei Mate 50 Release Postponed to 2022

The Mate 50 is not likely to be released this year by Huawei. Due to US restrictions, the Chinese company would have decided to postpone the launch of smartphones until the following year. The presentation, which is set for the end of October 2021, will undoubtedly have nothing to do with Mate's new product line.

Huawei Mate 50 Release Postponed to 2022

Huawei was forced to reschedule its smartphone launches after losing its Android license and access to Google apps. The Chinese group, for instance, only showed the P50 range throughout the summer. In general, Huawei does not announce its flagships in March.

Huawei has apparently decided to delay the introduction of the Mate 50 till next year due to declining sales. This is the first time the Chinese firm hasn't announced a new Mate in the fall since 2013. The presentation would instead be held in the second half of next year.


However, more recently, an official declaration has cast doubt on the Mate 50s' release date. The Chinese company has confirmed that a presentation conference would be held on October 21.

All eyes have been on the rumored Mate 50, which is unsurprising. Many observers suspected that Huawei intended to introduce the line despite the penalties imposed by the US. The Mate 50 Pro was rapidly predicted by David Naranjo, senior director of Display Supply Chain Consultant.

That is not the case. The Nova 9 and the Nova 8i, which will be at the focus of the presentation, have been revealed by Huawei. The manufacturer has released a number of official pictures that clearly show the two terminals.

The two mid-range smartphones, which are already available in some areas, including China, will be released in Europe soon after the conference. As a result, this is a fairly uninteresting announcement.

Following this false scare, everything points to the Mate 50's release being pushed back to the second half of next year. We'll keep you updated on forthcoming Huawei gadgets as soon as feasible. While we wait for additional details on the Mate 50, we'd like to hear your thoughts on Huawei's current situation in the comments section below.

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