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Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers 2022: Which Model to Choose?

Bluetooth speakers have made real progress in recent years, both in their quality and their usefulness. We therefore offer you our selection of the best portable Bluetooth speakers in 2022, to be used at home or on the move.

Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers 2022: Which Model to Choose?

Our Selection of the Best Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers have now become so powerful that they can be considered as the main solution for listening to music and watching movies in a modest household, as well as being the ideal companion for outings or improvised evenings.

That's why we invite you to discover our selection of the best Bluetooth speakers , in a wide price range, which will be compatible with your phone and tablet and will deliver the best sound experience. You will find in this top solutions corresponding to all budgets, let's go!

Xiaomi MI Compact

If you want to buy a small Bluetooth speaker under the 2000 mark, the Mi Compact from the Xiaomi brand is an excellent choice. The latter embeds Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology, offers clear and natural sound, as well as a 480 mAh lithium battery. Its autonomy is quite correct in view of its size and you can listen to your music for about 6 hours (with a volume at 80%). Another significant good point is its built-in microphone that allows you to make hands-free calls as well as its parametric mesh design. In terms of dimensions, it is very compact and displays sizes of 50 mm in diameter and 32 mm in height, for a light weight of only 54 grams.

JBL Xtreme 2

The JBL Xtrem 2 offers extreme and balanced sound thanks to its two woofers, two tweeters, and 2 x 20 Watts of power for consumers who seek a transportable speaker with extraordinary sound power. Its autonomy of 15 hours in one charge from different sources via its micro USB port but also its integrated USB port which allows you to recharge other devices make it a very versatile device. The JBL Xtrem 2 is also a waterproof Bluetooth speaker (IPX7 certification) that can be used in the shower, at the beach or at the pool without fear of possible drowning damage. It is sold at Rs. 17,999.

Bose Soundlink Revolve+

The Bose Soundlink Revolve+ is a high-end model that costs above Rs. 17,000 in India. The Revolve+ delivers better quality for a larger size than the standard Revolve. If you're looking for a Bluetooth speaker that delivers stunning, powerful and deep 360-degree sound, the Revolve+ is a solid choice.

It boasts a comfortable cloth handle for ease handling and carrying, as well as a sleek aluminum shell that is sturdy and water resistant (IPX4). The long-lasting, rechargeable lithium-ion battery in the Revolve+ provides a playtime  for up to 16 hours. A premium portable model, for demanding people.

Anker Soundcore

For a price below Rs. 5000, it is difficult to find a better offer than the Anker Soundcore and for good reason: this one offers record autonomy for this segment, with 24 hours announced where most speakers will stop . at 10 o'clock. Its highs tend to sizzle a bit, and its plastic finish won't be to everyone's taste, but Bluetooth 4.0 also allows it to be moved away from the source phone without causing too much trouble. It has a basic microphone for answering calls and charges through micro USB.

JBL Flip Essential

The JBL Flip Essential is a speaker that delivers 10 hours of listening time thanks to its 3000 mAh battery, which is comparable to the JBL Xtrem 2. The latter takes 3h30 to recharge and has a 16-watt audio amplifier.

The dimensions of this little model are 16.9 x 6.4 x 6.4 cm, and it weighs only 470 grams. Finally, on the connectivity side, it is equipped with an audio line input (3.5 mm Stereo mini-phone plug) and of course offers a wireless connection thanks to Bluetooth 4.1 technology.

JBL Pulse 4

If you're the type to combine music with light, the JBL Pulse 4 Bluetooth speaker is made for you. The latter embeds an interactive light system and can be synchronized with a second Pulse 4 to create an extended lighting atmosphere. Simply shake it near another speaker once to initiate synchronization between the two devices. Because it is IPX7 certified, it can be immersed up to one meter deep. Its battery allows it to operate for up to 12 hours. Finally, it can also act as a hands-free kit and has a power of 20 watts.

Ultimate Ears Boom 3

Ultimate Ears also offers quality Bluetooth speakers. The Boom 3 from Ultimate Ears, for example, guarantees you uninterrupted listening for 15 hours. It's little, yet it packs a punch with deep bass. It has two volume control buttons. The speaker is water and dust resistant, with an IP67 designation that allows it to be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes.

Sonos One SL

Our list comes to a close with a model that rivals the Bose Revolve+ in terms of quality. The Sonos One SL can be controlled via the Sonos app, Apple AirPlay 2, and other apps. You also have the option of using a pair of Sonos One SLs as surround back speakers to create a home theater by pairing them with the Sonos Playbar, Playbase or Beam. The Sonos One SL has dimensions of 161.45 X 119.7 x 119.7 mm and weighs 1.85 kg. It has an Ethernet connector, WiFi, and Bluetooth capabilities. Because of its imposing proportions and about 2 kg weight, we will prefer to use it indoors rather than in portable mode.

What Features Should Be Favored on Bluetooth Speakers?

Some Bluetooth speakers have features that can be seen especially on some connected speakers, such as the ability to manage them remotely using voice assistants such as Alexa, Google, and others.

The function of association between several speakers, in order to create a stereo effect, or the multi-room, which makes it possible to synchronize several speakers in several rooms of a house for example. Some models are configurable from a dedicated application, while others simply do not have one. Do not hesitate to check all these points before making your choice.

Which Bluetooth Speaker Design Should I Choose?

Manufacturers are displaying increasingly more creativity by producing designs that are certain to delight everyone, whether they are round, cylindrical, square, or rectangular. Contrary to some popular belief, it is not because the size of the speaker is imposing that the latter will offer better autonomy.

Because of this, the bigger the size, the bigger the weight, which may not be very pleasant if you're carrying it around all day. There are many models with reasonable sizes, such as the Ultimate Ears Boom 3 to name a few, which in addition to its compact cylindrical format, has a reasonable weight and can therefore be easily transported in addition to offering autonomy of 15 hours.

Before succumbing towards the physical part of your Bluetooth speaker, you must consider size, shape, weight, as well as the environment in which you want to use it (some devices have IPX4 and IPX7 standards of  waterproofing for total immersion, while others do not), and also portability.

Which Connection and Wireless Connectivity?

In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, a large number of wireless speakers offer a host of wired connections, but also Wifi (like the Sonos One SL). To be up to date, it is recommended to turn to a Bluetooth version 4 at least.

The supported audio transmission codecs are also important in choosing the model you want to acquire. Thus, the AptX, LDAC, and AptX HD, are among some of the best, with the first two (AptX and LDAC) having an audio quality known as Hi-Resolution or high definition. SBS remains the most basic of them when AAC restores sound with less sound compression and therefore better audio quality.

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